Monday, July 25, 2022

Georgia - Part 1: Mukhuri to Mestia

Georgia 15.-25.07.2022

Since I am too lazy to write, there are lots of pictures of the last 11 days hiking in Georgia. 

Today is a rest and shopping day in Mestia. It's a pitty, that today is nice sunny, while the last days where rather foggy, with even some light snowfall yesterday! You won't see it on the pictures, since its nicer to take pictures in the sun ;)

First camping spot after only a few hours of hiking, a crazy (!!!) taxi ride, some hours in a matrushka, a bus ride and 2 flights

The bridge to our first camping spot was already adventurous ;)

We followed up a road, which was blocked by several recent landslides

Second camping spot - wonderful views and flowers everywhere!

The view out of the tent!

The first pass to the Tobavarchkhili Lakes was still VERY white on both sides - but we made it :)

And were treated with a beautiful lake

This white slope is the pass we came down!

Another lake...

...and another lake

The flowers are incredible up in these mountains!

Beautiful Khobi-valley

An incredible beautiful day but also lots of elevation differences for the first few days and my untrained body ;)

Turned out the ridge we wanted to hike over that day wasn't as easy, so we descended a pass and made our way to the next trail....

... but the trail turned out to be no trail. So we walked (or rather creeped) for hours through head-high vegetation on invisible stones and uneven surfaces

Camping after a strenouse and very slow hiking day

An impressive gorge!

A river crossing over a log - the feet stayed dry but it was rather exciting!

This day, we were hiking in fog and drizzle for hours and only for a few minutes did the fog lift...

... and also the next day, the pass was visible only for minutes before the fog made us wet and cold.

Some scenic forest hiking

Ushba (a "deadly mountain") is showing itself 


Instead of the easy route over Gulli-pass, we continued up the mountain (into the fog)

Another short glimps...

Ridge walk in the fog with light snowfall- even in July you shouldn't forget to pack gloves

A very brief glimps on huge glaciers of the surrounding

Walking down towards the Koruldi lakes

A nice rainbow...

... and it stayed for a long time!

Last camp above Mestia

Mestia with its many denfese towers

Gerald eating "Puri" - and yes, we both ate one of those huge bread thingies 

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