Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Georgia - Part 8: Lagodekhi Nature Reserve - the end of hiking in Georgia

Georgia 05.-11.09.2022

From our last hike, which ended in Artana, we hitchhiked to Lagodekhi. It went incredibly smooth and took us 5 rides, with hardly any waiting times!

In Lagodekhi, we bought food in the supermarket and had a big pot of chocolate ice-cream - it was hot at this low elevation. We took our time, since we had planned to hike only a few more kilometers up to a river in the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve. We had seen the weather forecast for the next days, predicting thunderstorms and lots of rain, but we didn't expect such a bad weather, we experienced during our night in the forest. There were hardly any breaks between the lightning and it rained like hell. But we stayed dry in our tent!!!

The next day was rainy, foggy and cool, even at that low elevation. And the plan was to climb up to 3000 m elevation within the following 2 days! So we had another close look at the weather forecast, predicting > 20 mm of rain every day for the next days and decided to have a nice break in a guest house in Lagodekhi.

We spent those rainy days in the nice guest house  ate a lot, used the internet for pleasure and work, washed our cloths etc.

On one of our pleasure days, we decided to make a small walk to a waterfall in the rain, but we quit after only a short time, since the trail went through the roaring river, which we were not keen on crossing and getting wet boots :)


...digging into the delicious cake!

The river is rather high thanks to the rain

The first glimps of the mountains after the rain!

After lots of food and a proper rest, we were happy to start hiking again! And it was good for our bodies, which were aching from all the sitting around!!! But temperatures had dropped and we saw the first dust of snow up on the mountains. Thus, we spent only 2 1/2 days of hiking a little circle, ascending about 2400 m on the first day - but thanks to a new huge trail, it didn't feel like it!

Again, lots of pictures to illustrated our last beautiful hiking days in Georgia, walking up to the Black Rocks Lake!

Still in shorts, but autumn is coming

Beautiful forests

Up we go...

Walking up, it is getting foggy

Some sun... 

... but also the first dust of snow on the mountains on the left!

A beautiful camp not far from the Black Rocks Lake...

... with a "burning" sky...

...and a freezing cold morning!

And then we reached the Black Rock Lake just at the right time!!!

Half of the lake is in Russia!

Shortly after leaving the lake, the clouds came in

We even set up the tent for some time, since it was too foggy and started to rain

We had thousands of flies visiting us - luckily we have a mosquito net to keep at least most of them outside


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